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Our menu

We emphasize on using only the freshest ingredients, cooked to perfection, tantalizing customers with the combination of color, smell and taste.
Come and be a guest in our home and you will be provided with a comfortable, affordable, fuss-free dining experience.


(Advanced Orders Only)

Ikan Kuah Nanas
Fish steak in pineapple sauce

Udang Masak Nanas
Tiger prawns in pineapple sauce

Kuah Lada Ikan
Stingray in peppery sauce

Salted Egg Crab

Crab / Crayfish
(Chilli / Black pepper)

Itek Sio
Stewed duck in parsely sauce

Ayam Pongteh
Stewed chicken in beanpaste sauce


Ngoh Hiang
Pork wrapped in fried beancurd skin

Lor Bak
Pork and egg in black sauce

Babi Pongteh
Pork in bean paste sauce

Sweet & Sour Pork
Deep fried pork in sweet and sour sauce

Bakwan Kepeting Goreng
Deep fried homemade crabmeat
and pork meatballs

Beef Rendang
Beef in dried curry


Ayam Curry
Chicken in curry sauce

Ayam Rendang
Chicken in dried curry sauce

Ayam Goreng
Fried chicken

Ayam Buah Keluak
Chicken and buah keluak
(a black indonesian nut)
in tamarind suace
(additional keluak – 2 max)


Ikan Tempra Pomfret
Fried fish with soury black sauce

Ikan Tauyu Pomfret
Fried fish in black sauce

Ikan Chinchalok Pomfret
Fried fish with preserved shrimp sauce

Ikan Sambal Tumis Pomfret
Fried fish with sambal sauce

Ikan Sambal Haybi Pomfret
Fried fish with fried spicy shrimps

Sambal Selar
Fried fish stuffed with sambal belachan

Sweet & Sour Fish
Fried fish fillets in sweet and sour sauce

Assam Fish Head
Fish Head in tamarind sauce

Ikan Assam Pedas
Fish steak in tamarind sauce

Sotong Hitam
Squid in squid ink

Sambal Sotong
Squid in sambal sauce

Assam Sotong
Squid in tamarind sauce

Tauyu Sotong
Squid in black sauce

Otah Otah (Fish)
Fish cake wrapped in banana leaf

Sambal Udang
(with Petai)
Sambal prawns, also avaliable
with smelly beans

Udang Kichap
Prawns in tomato sauce

Udang Chilli Garam
Prawns in special grinded chilli sauce

Udang Goreng Assam
Prawns in dry tamarind sauce


Petai (Ikan Bilis / Sambal)
Fried smelly beans with anchovies
or sambal

Sambal Terong
(Haybi / Tumis)
Deep fried eggplant with
spicy shrimp / sambal sauce

Ladies Finger
(Sambal / Haybi)
Fried ladies finger with
sambal sauce / spicy shrimps

Sweet Potato Leaf
(Sambal / Garlic)
(Sambal / Garlic)

Ladies Finger Ikan Bilis
Fried ladies finger with anchovies

Nonya Chap Chye
Nyona style stewed mix vegetables

Fried Chye Sim / Kai Lan


Bakwan Kepeting
Clear soup with homemade meatballs
and bamboo shoot

Pong Tauhu
Beanpaste soup with homemade meatballs
and bamboo shoot

Hee Peow
Clear soup with fishmaw and fish ball

Itek Tim
Salted Vegetables and duck soup


Omelette with Prawns & Onions

Omelette with Chinchalok

Omelette with preserved shrimp

Omelette with Chye Poh

Omelette with dried raddish

Omelette with Onion

Steamed Rice

Sambal Blachan

Sambal Haybi

Fried spicy shrimp

Nasi Goreng
(Spicy / Non Spicy)

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